It’s cold and windy. The tv meterologists said the winds reached the speed of storm. I don’t like it one bit.

I’ve been thinking of getting a cat. Or actually, of persuading mother to get one. That way I could take care of it every now and then. A kitten. A female kitten. Small and cuddly.
Then, Monday, a mail was sent to everyone on Aftonbladet. The subject was “Save Morris”. Morris is a 2 year old male cat, rather big and black & brown. His owner had to give him up since he is moving in with a girl who has a big dog.
I thought ‘what the heck, this cat is going to be killed if I don’t take care of him. That’s like a sign – telling me to save him.’ So I went and had a look at Morris after work, and decided to let him come home with me.
The people who had taken care of him over night were ever so kind and helped me a lot.

Now he’s staying in my apartment and I spend most of my days worrying about how he’s doing. Though it’s a good kind of worry, the kind that comes from loving and caring. He’s a lovely cat. There are some photos here.

Last weekend I went to Gävle to meet the other ppl in my Creative Writing in English class. It was a stimulating and inspiring meeting. Sofie and I shared a hotel room at Järnvägshotellet, which turned out to be a bad choice. We stayed straight above a pub that played live music until 1AM.
Sofie had brought “Juliet” along, the short film that she made where I play the main character. It was interesting seeing it and what she had managed to communicate with the material we had filmed some weeks ago.

Today I bought a leesh for Morris, so that he’ll be able to go outdoors without running away. Then I had dinner with Benny. Henrik also joined us, and we went to Benny’s office to sort some files.
I decided to go and have a beer at Pelikan, where Mattias was having his goodbye gettogether for the ppl at Aftonbladet. Or atleast that’s what I thought he was going to have. When I got there, however, he was nowhere to be found. After a while I ran into Pernilla and Petter who also work at Bladet. They hadn’t seen him either. Finally he turned up, smiling, telling us he had been kidnapped and forced to drink a lot of beer. Oh well…. :-)


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