Kvinna 2001

I feel trapped in a web of relations. Everyone I know seems to know someone else I know. There’s no one around to talk to when I’m low, since I can never be sure that what I say won’t spread to other people. I wish I had a thick pansar and lost the ability to get hurt.

Yesterday I went to the Kvinna 2001 fashion show. Before I went there, I met Marina, Mi and Pac at Friday’s to celebrate Marina’s birthday. Petra was supposed to have joined us too, but she felt ill and canceled. Then I sent an sms to my half-sister Joy, asking if she would like to come along. I told her we were meeting at Friday’s, and got an sms back saying she was allready there! :-) What a coincidence.
She came along, but Mi decided to go home and sleep. So me, Joy and Marina went to Circus where the Kvinna 2001 was to be held. We were a little late so they were out of wine :-/ but the show was great. Such beautiful women and such beautiful underwear. Afterwards we had a glass of wine and mingled with the rest of the crowd. I put some photos of the event here.


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