The lamp project

At the start of summer we went looking for lamps. I had had the same rice lamps since I moved into my last apartment five years ago, and K didn’t have much worth keeping either cup coffee pictures for free.
After having been to almost every lamp store in Stockholm, though, we were amazed. There were no lamps we liked. Or if we liked them, either only one of us liked them or they were too expensive herunterladen.
I like some of the classic designer lamps, like PH 5 and Planet. But they weren’t within the budget.

Lo and behold herunterladen. Today, a couple of months later, we have nine new lamps. It started with me deciding to make my own, and two of them (5 and 9) are made by me. 9 isn’t quite done – I’m going to add some decorations on the sides age of empires online kaufen und downloaden. Just haven’t decided what yet.
1, 2 and 3 we found during our roadtrip – at Loppisboa, a yardsale type of store outside Karlstad.
4 I found in the garbage room minecraft free for free. A bit worn, but working, and the old style worked well in the library.
6 and 7 … well, I know I shouldn’t, but I found a really good deal on the PH 5 lamps weight watchers app kostenlos downloaden. There went this month’s spending money. It’s rice and dal for a week now.. but: It’s worth it. :-)
8 is K’s choice – he found it at Ikea and couldn’t resist download purchased movies amazon. Okay, I have to admit it’s kinda cool.


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