A Minor cat problem

Minor is cute as ever in her new harness. K is just cute as ever.

Minor, in the box for once.

Minor is giving us trouble. It started when she wasn’t well, and she started to pee on the library chairs. When I found the pee and wiped it off I noticed there was blood in it. The next day there was more pee, and more blood.
I got scared and took her to the vet. They said it was probably an infection, gave her a shot and gave us a pill to divide in four and give to her for four consecutive days.
Despite some problems actually getting the pill inside her, things went well. She recovered. No more blood. The chairs we had turned upside down so that she wouldn’t pee on them.
But then she peed in the corner in the kitchen instead. And on the carpet in the library. I scolded her when I caught her red handed, but otherwise didn’t know what to do about it. I took away the carpet and put something in the kitchen corner.
Finally, as I had given her the third piece of the tablet, the peeing stopped and she went back to using the cat litter box again. All was well.
Or, that’s what I thought. A few days ago we turned the library chairs back, thinking she was done misbehaving. But then yesterday I found pee on them again. I cleaned the chairs but the pee returned a few hours later. Now I got irritated, which I’m sure isn’t the right thing in this situation.. I gave her a shower, which she hates, telling her off.
Whenever I found her close to the chairs, I moved her to the cat litter box. No luck. She kept peeing on the chairs. So I’m worried.
The experts say that a cat doing her thing outside of the box is sending a message that something is wrong. She did this once when I lived in Stureby, and that time I interpreted it as a sign I needed to spend more time at home. It helped when I did.
This time, I’m not sure what could be wrong. I’ve spent a lot of time with her, she seems happy enough, playful, she eats well etc. The only thing is that she wants to go out more than I’m letting her.
Both she and Morris goes out in a harness and on a leash – I don’t dare to let them out on their own. The last time I was out with them a truck came by too close, scaring them. Minor’s leash broke and I had to struggle to hold her so that she wouldn’t run out in front of the truck. It was a scary experience for all of us.
Since then I hadn’t been out with her, since I hadn’t found a leash that fit her. I’m wondering if that could be the problem, but it’s so hard to tell.

Today I bought a new harness for her. Cute as hell with little white paws on a black background. She looks really cool in it. When I took her out she was really scared, though, and didn’t want to leave the area outside the door. The only explanation I can find is that she’s still shocked by the truck incident. However, there was quite a lot of noise out when we went out, so I’ll try again tomorrow when the daycare close by isn’t open.

About the peeing… Today I bought a spray that is said to keep cats away from whatever you spray it on. I’ve used it on the library chairs and am keeping my fingers crossed.
If anyone has any ideas on how to stop her from peeing outside of the box they would be much appreciated.


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