Scoopt loves Flickr – and all its users' images

Today citizen media image bureau Scoopt wrote an open letter to all Flickr users grundschrift für word herunterladen.

Here at Scoopt, we love Flickr. We love Flickr because Flickr members are some of the best snappers on the planet.

Scoopt is asking the Flickr users to tag their photos so that Scoopt can work as their agent, selling them to potential big media clients eth software. They also need to become Scoopt members for this to take effect.

Scoopt gives examples of cases when photos from Flickr users could have generated money for the photographers, big news like the Cory Lidle plane crash or the Amish school shooting, but also more daily life things that are what the typical flickr picture is made up of wasserzeichen herunterladen kostenlos.

Of course they love Flickr, with millions of users that could generate huge sales, out of which Scoopt gets 50 percent of the money. Stating they’d love to go lower, Scoopt is urging users to tell Flickr they want integration with Scoopt mail herunterladen gmx. It makes me wonder if the image bureau has tried to contact Flickr in this matter and have been rejected…

(via New Media Musings führerschein theorie herunterladen. JD Lasica also writes about The demise of the professional photojournalist today)


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