Hypa – a Swedish Digg clone

IDG Sweden has (according to Dagens Media) started a new site called Hypa, which is pretty much a Digg clone in Swedish (instead of Digging stories you Hype them), targeted at tech nerds. So far the top links are all to IDG stories, so I guess they’re using the site quite a lot themselves starting out.

Apart from some really bad graphics, the site has potential if IDG can generate traffic for it. I wonder if they’ll integrate any of the material in idg.se.
We’ll see if it gains a wider popularity than it’s predecessor as a Digg clone, Digga, which is more for a general audience.


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  1. Andreas says:

    Or try out farskpressad.se – another swedish site using the the Pligg open source system (just as Digga and Hypa), but with some more effort put into the design and usability ;)

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