Green hat people brings gaming to real life

Niklas TyllströmNiklas Tyllström is at Hubbub 07 to talk about Green hat people, a pretty cool real life game where you get instructions in your cellphone and then go places in your city to find clues and answer questions.
– We were lacking unpredictability in our lives. We came up with a concept where the real world is the playground.
They found that people were not willing to pay for the service. Instead they are running an advertisement-based service.
They had to move from everyone as a target to corporate events.
– Just to stay alive, Niklas Tyllström says with a laugh. He still hopes that everyone will want to build their own games and play, though.
Once more the N95 is used as an example. They were asked to be part of the launch in Sweden. More powerful phones of course create greater gaming possibilities.
– In our perspective, to make a multi-faceted game, it gets really cool. The gaming experience gets really intense. To make that happen on the mass market, that is a challenge. Marketing, partnering with organizations and going to schools are ways that Green hat people are working to broaden their user base.
Timing is crucial for your concept to take off.
– As being Swedish, and in that sense trying to promote a service that is derived from converging technologies, the drivers should really be highlighted. The pricing is important, and the ease of use.
If you have to download something to use a service, there’s a good chance you don’t. Tyllström sees an age difference in that behaviour. Young people usually don’t see downloads as a problem.


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