Soaked in London

London in the winter time of course equals rain, rain, rain. We are constantly wet or damp. Though we’ve had a good time so far, anyway. Yesterday we explored the Moore exhibition at Kew Gardens, after having strolled through cozy Richmond a while and had lunch at a nice coffee place by a park fifa 20 ultimate edition herunterladen. Apart from being rainy, it was also very windy, so I fought a losing battle with my umbrella which kept flipping inside out. I guess I’ll have to colour adjust my photos a bit for them to look even remotely nice herunterladen. :-)

After Kew we visited Newen’s Maids of Honour, a great and cosy place for Afternoon tea, set in traditional British style with an open fireplace and rounded windows phone clone app. A big pot of tea and English scones with clotted cream and jam were just the things to get us going again after the Kew adventure.

Though then we realized it was getting late and that we wouldn’t have time to relax at the hotel before the musical video bei pinterest herunterladen. Instead we went straight to Her Majesty’s Theatre on Haymarket to collect our Phantom of the Opera tickets. The musical was good, though not the best I’ve seen app for free android. I kept getting annoyed at the lead actress’ childish voice.

I still have a cold, which isn’t getting any better in this weather. Today the downpour has increased further, and we’re seeking the shelter of the stores along Oxford street kmi downloaden. Although I really don’t like shopping there, it’s pretty handy to go from one door to the next.

Tonight we’re going to yet another musical, Blood brothers herunterladen.


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