York and Whitb…no, Glasgow!

We decided to skip breakfast at our Bloomsbury hostel and took a walk to Kings Cross where we got our flexipasses dated for validity and got on the 8.30 express to York. A couple of hours later we got off and dumped our backpacks in the luggage storage.
A. wanted to find a special store that we found when we last visited York five years ago. It was a Yorkshire Television store selling items connected with her favourite tv series. We didnt remember where it was so we kept our eyes open.
York is a cute town. The whole area within the city walls has a nice atmosphere. Most of the shops are small, and the Shambles, the oldest and narrowest streets, have oldfashioned arts and crafts shops, needlework stores and stores selling woodworks and stuff like that.
There is a small market, which we browsed through without finding anything we liked.
In one of the two Waterstones which are on the same street I found the Eyewitness guide to Great Britain I had been looking for. Its about 670 pages and rather heavy, but its well worth carrying around.
We had lunch on a bench – pasta sallad with chicken – and later on some tea and scones.
Then we found a street which both A. and I thought looked right for her Yorkshire television store, and A. was very happy when we actually found it. Her happiness turned into disappointment when she raised her gaze into the shop and found it empty, recently closed down. They do sell the items on display in the window via mail order though, so she took down the address.

Back at the station I phoned Whitby youth hostel to see if they had any vacancies – Whitby was our next planned stop. But no. Some confusion and then we decided to try for Glasgow, where I managed to get a couple of beds in a dormatory. And here we are, tired from the walking but with clean sheets to sleep in. :-)
The hostel is much much better than the one in London. Its situated in a Victorian house and has a beautiful – and long – staircase, crystal lamps, beautifully decorated ceilings… Quite nice.


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