Leaving Aftonbladet, travels, and blog changes

I’ve just announced a two month blog vacation at Citizen Media Watch. Also since removing myself from Bloggvärldsbloggen and closing down Stugan, I’ll have more time for updating this blog. So this blog is where I’ll be posting my travel stories and photos when I go to London, Singapore, Vietnam and Thailand during January and February. I’m also starting a photo blog. More on that in a while.

I did my last day at Aftonbladet last Friday. It felt strange. It’s been a big part of my life for eleven years. And today I woke up dreaming I had forgot I’d quit, so I went there and people were surprised to see me, but it was business as usual. Apart from some other weird elements of the dream, featuring a pomelo and the fact that Arna had quit too, to start work at a cigar store(!).

My colleagues gave me a nice winter cozy package of pillows, candle+candle-holder, candy bowl and wine glasses from Indiska, and from the company I got a Georg Jensen Season candle holder. We had dinner at Shanti, which was a nice but a bit strange experience. Atleast this time there actually was a table to our reservation, though at first it only had four seats for the five of us.

My travel plans have changed a bit, the main part being excluding India. Instead I’m going for a long weekend with mom to London in a week or so. We used Priceline’s Name your own price service this time as well to find a hotel, and though it was more expensive than when K and I went, we got a pretty good deal. 60 pounds a night at the Hilton Metropole. It seems like a rather uncharming conference hotel, but hopefully the room standard’s good.
We’ll be going to a couple of musicals – the Phantom of the Opera and Blood Brothers. And of course do some shopping. :)

Then I’m off to Singapore with Gitta. We’ll be staying there for nine days, then going to Vietnam about as along time. We’ll be travelling from Saigon and up north along the coast. We’ll stop at Hoi An and Hue. And then spend a few days in Hanoi.

From there I go to Bangkok where I’ll – hopefully – meet K at the airport. Our planes’ arrival times are only 30 minutes apart, so I hope there won’t be any delays.
We’ve decided to focus on Koh Pha Ngan, but of course also spend a few days in Bangkok itself.

As you can see a lot is happening in the new year. I hope 2008 brings you all the adventures, challenges and fun you are hoping for. Happy New Year!


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