A two days’ stay in Edinburgh has now come to an end. We stayed at a nice hostel, Pleasance, with separate rooms in a six bedroom flat. It’s a college turned into hostel in the summer.
Yesterday, we visited the castle, which turned out to be much bigger inside than it looked from the outside. There were audio tapes to listen to, telling us about the different buildings and the history of the castle.

The day before yesterday we browsed through some Scottish shops, had lunch at a pub and then decided to go separate ways for a while. A. went to find a Christmas shop and a dollhouse shop she wanted to have a look at, and I went to visit the Writers’ Museum. It had an exhibition on Burns, Scott and Stevenson and a temporary exhibition on Eric Linklater. Cute museum. I’m amazed that the people around these writers saved so much of their belongings for people to see a couple of hundred years later.
Then I went to the National Gallery which had a lot of paintings. Some beautiful and/or interesting, but a lot of portraits of mighty men which I found uninteresting. I liked the portrait of the vicar scating on the lake, though.
In the evening that day we found a very good Internet cafe on Rose Street: easyEverything. Apparently it’s a chain of Internet cafes. It is the largest one I’ve seen so far, and by far with the fastest access. Nice. Though they did run into some server problems for a while.


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