Bus tours and foot ache

An okay breakfast this morning, though had we known it was our last night at that hotel we would probably have enjoyed it more. It was when we were heading out and went to prolong out stay that they told us that they were full for tonight. Quick change of plans and our backpacks tucked into a locker. Luckily the first other hostel I phoned had vacancies.
We went to catch a city tour bus (Friday Tours) at a place indicated by the helpful hostel receptionist. We walked and walked and there were no street names anywhere to help us find the way. When we finally found one it turned out that we had been walking down the wrong street.
The tour was of the hop on/hop off kind. We hopped off at George Square, where a sand sculpture championship was held. Some amazing creations were taking shape..
We got on the same bus and took the eastern part of the tour, then got off at the square again and checked out the museum of modern art. Quite interesting. A big devil by Niki de Saint Phalle (sp?) greeted us at the entrance, and in the small but spacious exhibition hall various paintings and sculptures shocked A. and intrigued me. :-).

Then on to shopping, shopping, shopping. Or atleast walking in and out of stores. My feet were so sore… I didnt enjoy it much. It was a relief when I got to sit down at a small restaurant to have lunch – chicken fajitas with guacamole and salsa – yummy! .
We went to the station to see at what time the train for Edinburgh departs tomorrow, and then we decided to get on the tour bus again, this time taking the western part of the tour. But the sound system in this bus was so bad that we didnt hear a word that the guide said, and we decided to get off at the next stop and catch the next bus, which turned out to be the last one. We were planning to get off at the stop closest to our hostel, but the bus went straight back into the center of the city, so we had to catch a taxi instead..
We asked the driver to wait while we went and got our backpacks, and then he drove us to the new place at Berkely Street – Globetrotters youth hostel..
We got a discount from the bus tour ticket, so it was only #8.50. The standard was much lower than at the IYHA hostel, though..
Soon were off to buy something to eat, then well make it an early night – too exhausted to do anything.


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