Saying hi to Nessie

The sunshine which has lasted for a week turned into cloudy skies and a light rain on the one day when we wished for nice weather. We’re going on a bus tour of Loch Ness, “The Loch Ness Monster Tour”, with Guide Friday. Saying hi to Nessie, of course, but also visiting the official Loch Ness Monster Exhibition at Drumnadrochit and cruising the loch on board the Jacobite Warrior. We’re also supposed to get a good view of Urquhart Castle, though the fog might make it a less attractive one.

Most of yesterday was spent walking around in Inverness checking out the castle and Inverness’ Museum and Art Gallery which had a lot of stuffed animals and an exhibition of chairs(!).
Had lunch at a pub and browsed through some stores. A. found a crafts store where she bought some buttons. We had dinner at the youth hostel.

Tonight we’re staying at a B&B, since the hostel didn’t have any vacancies when we decided to stay an extra night in Inverness. The first B&B we found was a bit expensive, but the gentleman running it referred us to his son who runs a B&B a few blocks away. So there we went and checked out the room. It will be so nice not to have to share it with a lot of other people.


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