Bella Roma

Today I’ve seen the Roman Forum and done some shopping. Before I went here, everyone kept telling me that Italy was expensive. I don’t find that the case at all. Well, maybe for eating out – atleast at lunchtime – but not otherwise. When it comes to clothes you can find some really good deals. Not to mention shoes. :-)

And the food… mmmm. Italian food must be one of the most tasteful cuisines in the world, even if it’s not that varied. At lunch today we had some homemade pasta which was just delicious. One big ravioli filled with cheese and spinach and covered with a tasteful tomato sauce. And then a lovely chocolate mousse for desert, with big pieces of chocolate in it, some nuts and then orange sauce on top.

Yesterday we went to the Vatican. Interesting but a lot of walking. We went all the way up in the cupola of St Peter’s. What a view! And the Sistine Chappel was charming, too. But after a while, when you’ve watched a lot of art, it’s hard to take it all in.
We bought a couple of Alessi items at a store at Piazza Navona, visited the Pantheon which I find very impressive, and took a few photos of the Fontana di Trevi. In the evening D and I shared a couple of bottles of wine. Had a good time.


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