Sunshine and noise

I’m having breakfast at the hostel terrace and it’s just lovely. This building is relatively low – only 17 stories. But from up here you still have a great view, and the surrounding skyscrapers would look tall even if this was ground level.
The sun is shining in my face from two directions, being reflected in the glass facade of one of the buildings nearby.
Breakfast is included in the price of the room, which was somewhat surprising. You get a coupon and go to a place called Sherwoods where you get a bagle with creamcheese and a cup of tea. And then you can bring it to the terrace, or anywhere else you feel like.
New York is vibrant and noisy. Construction work, cars honking their horns, people arguing… But the hostel is still asleep. I’m all alone up here. I woke up at 6am and couldn’t get back to sleep. Still jetlagged, I guess.

11.36 Central Park.
I need to rest my feet. There’s always a lot of walking on my trips. I could use it, so I guess it’s a good thing. But taking a rest on a bench by a glittering pond in Central Park can’t hurt.
I’ve been to the Gugenheim museum. It’s quite an impressive collection of art, but the most impressive thing is of course the building itself – Frank Lloyd Wright’s masterpiece. The shapes are very pure. Clean. Exact. And they bring forth the art and the feeling of being part of the artpiece itself.
Afterwards I went to the Metropolitan Museum, but it was too huge, and I feel you can only take in so many impressions in a day.
I’m sitting on Jerry’s bench, by the way. All the benches in Central Park are sponsored, and have little plaques with the names of the donors. The park has squirrels, too, just like in London.
I really don’t find New York as scary as I would have thought. I guess I’ve listened too much to mother’s warnings.


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