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Got up at six this morning, doing some work from home for an hour and a half, then tried to wake U up with moderate success. An hour or so later he gave me a ride to work. Then a few hours’ fixing and grunting over server errors.
I had a rather bizarre lunch today. First, a visit to Arena Bingo, where Dana is the bingo host, with Pawlo. We played a couple of bingo cards, trying to keep up with the girl calling out the numbers. Weird. The regulars – mostly elderly people – looked at us suspiciously. Didn’t win anything.
Then I had a nice lunch with Rickard at Krisna. Tandoori chicken. We talked about work, freelance writing, poetry, self confidence, old jmk classmates and stuff like that.
Two hours later I got back to Aftonbladet, where the server problems persisted. Didn’t get much done.

Had a cup of coffee with U and Trillian after work (didn’t feel like dinner). Then spent most of the evening copying files from my computer onto U’s, so that I could burn a cd for backup.


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