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In need of a cellphone backup

I thought I had lost my cell phone, and it made me think about all the information I keep in that one fragile place. Scary! I really need to do a backup.
As it turned out I had left it behind at KGB last night, so I had to take some time from CWA deadline work to go there and get it. But boy was I happy that Klas had stowed it away for me.

K‘s away on a work conference, so I have the apartment for myself. I’m not sure if I’ve ever actually spent the night here alone before. Surely I must have, but I can’t think of when. It’s good that it’s deadline time – him not being here makes the CWA work easier (less temptations :) ).

Another nice evening at KGB yesterday, turned a bit crazy at the end, but fun. Only commonists this time. We did a 1,5 hour mp3 recording of our conversation. And somehow we ended upp writing greetings to K and Uffe on my arm and Anna’s tummy respectively.

No KGB next Wednesday though. Fredrike will host a creative evening of pottering at her place. If you want to join us, check out her blog for instructions.


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2 Responses

  1. V says:

    What phone do you use?

  2. L. says:

    A SonyEricsson K600i. It’s okay for my needs.

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