We made it!

What a feeling!
When we went to Cafe String yesterday to participate in the Poetry cup we were so nervous. Mattias kept saying things like â€?shouldn’t we go home and have that champagne I’ve kept for so long right away instead, and forget about all this?â€?. :-)
And then there was trouble finding the right number of jury groups. There weren’t as many ppl there as last Saturday, and most of them were either part of a team or close friends to one of the teams. So we ended up with three jury groups instead of five. Usually the highest and the lowest score are disregarded, and the three in the middle make out the final score for a performance, but now every score counted.
I was a bit surprised that a member from one of the teams that didn’t perform last night was allowed to be a juror. I guess it was due to the lack of jury groups.

So.. how did it go? Mattias was first on stage, reading his â€?viâ€?. Brilliant. Then, in the second run, it was Sofie’s turn, or rather, it was time for our group piece. So we went on stage, standing back to back. I could feel my heart beating fast, fast. But we were good! And got a good score.
Then it was my turn to perform. My Under träden mixup of â€?Under trädenâ€? and â€?Under träden IIâ€?. I shivered.. and the one thing that mustn’t happen happened – of course. I lost myself. Suddenly I didn’t know my next line, and had to pick up the note that I luckily had tucked in my pants. One quick look at it and I knew where I was. So I continued and got a pretty good score anyway. Relieved. Mattias and Sofie said that I read much better after my blunder.

After the first round, when all the poets had read one time each, there was a break. We were pretty happy with the way things had gone so far, scorewise and performancewise (except for my blunder).
In the second round we didn’t get quite as high scores, and at the same time the scores were higher in general. If we had had a chance of coming second after the first round, I felt we were now down at about fourth place. But it’s hard to tell with all those scores to keep in your head.
I took a chance and really acted out when I read my â€?Om jag dödar/Närkampâ€? mixup. I felt it went really well. The score was okay, but not what I had hoped for. So.. when the second round was done and we were waiting for the final score I felt pretty relaxed. We probably hadn’t made it to the top half of the results, but on the other hand we had already won a lot – just having stepped on stage and participated in a slam-like competition for the first time felt like a small victory. And done it well, at that.

Then, István read the results, backwards. When he came to fourth place and it wasn’t us, we smiled at each other. So.. we made it to third! Great! Then, he read the name of the team on third place – and that wasn’t us either! Wow. We actually made it to second place! We were so happy, hugging eachother. At that point all the anxiety before felt very unimportant. We made it!

Sure, we shouldn’t take the result too seriously. A lot of chance is involved in a thing like this. But it can atleast tell us that we performed well enough to make atleast some people like us enough to put us in second place.
The evening’s winners were really worthy ones – I especially liked the young girl reading in that team, Jenny Nilsson. She looked completely relaxed on stage, natural and calm. And she had the kind of poetry that really works on stage.

Afterwards we went to Mattias’ place and had some sparkling wine, talked for a while and then I went home. I was lucky that the tube station was unmanned, because I had forgotten to buy my SL card for this month.


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