Party on a work day

I still haven’t quite recovered from last Friday’s opening party at KGB bar. I worked from 6 am that day and had to get up at 5 am yesterday too in order to get to work. Not the ideal situation for a party night. But I had a good time none the less. :-)
Hokan and his friends have done a great job with the place. Very cosy, and nice, friendly staff. Me like.
The great thing about last Friday was that there were people there I knew from different places – trafik and sklommon being the major ones. Lots of smiling faces. Have a look at some of them here. :-)

Not much action at work today. Working weekends has both advantages and drawbacks. You have to do the entertainment section. You don’t get any help with the news stuff. The reporter doesn’t arrive until 11am. But it’s nicer with a calm environment. No bosses. :) And usually the tempo is pretty pleasant, unless it’s too calm and you panic because the page looks too static.


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