Sick and away

I caught a cold on the ferry from Sicily. Then it turned into something like a stomach flu. Couldn’t eat for three days. That was NOT the way I had planned my two week stay on Malta schriftart arial download kostenlos. :-(
Going home tomorrow, and luckily I’m feeling better. Flying when you’re sick is no fun at all. It’s enough that the cold is still hanging in there leaving me with a headache and a runny nose, but having to run to the WC every 15 minutes on an airplane. download pdf website. that I can do without.

I got one nice week on Malta though. Sunshine and capuchino by the water or lazy days in front of the tv, watching a lot of movies on dvd and satellite channels samsung bilder downloaden.
And then the Sicily trip. We took a day trip – catamaran and tour busses to mt Etna and Taormina. I didn’t think Sicily would be that green yeah for free! Lush even, with beautiful citrus trees and bushes in bloom. And then when we reached Etna and got above 2000 mtrs above sea level, and it was like walking on the moon windows 10 gratis downloaden 2019. Nothing grows up there, and more or less fresh lava streams (lava needs 300 years before anything can grow on it) coloured the ground black.
Taormina was a cute little town with a beautiful view from the greek roman threatre grote apps 4g. And lots of nice things to buy – little bottles and jars of deliciously looking preserves, liqueurs, pestos, marmalades, marzipan fruits and so on antivirus programm kostenlos herunterladen.


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