A rainy day in Prague

It´s a rainy day in Prague, one of many this week. The Czech capital is like a moody mistress, and I haven´t learned the tricks to please her.
When we got here, me and my mom, last Wednesday, we were greeted by three days of rain. Then the sun broke through and we got hot summer weather for two days. Really hot. Yesterday, when mom had left and I checked out from our cosy Pension Atelier Art 12 in Hradèansky and checked in at Imperial Hotel, an old luxury hotel turned into hostel, the first thing I had to do was to take a shower, I was so hot. I sweated the greater part of the day away.
Then this morning I woke up to heavy showers once more, and checking the weather forecast that´s how it´s going to stay for the remainder of my stay. I do hope they are wrong. Any city becomes dull in pouring rain, and though I find Prague both beautiful and interesting, there is little to do when the weather is bad. On top of that, today and tomorrow are national holidays, so the shops and probably the museums too are closed.

I spent yesterday evening watching the sunset over Prague Castle and the Charles bridge. It´s the classical postcard photo, and I wanted my own version of it. I am not sure how long I stood there, on the eastern shore of the Vltava river, but it must have been more than an hour. Maybe two. The strong purples and oranges of the sunset never came, though. Still, I think I got some nice photos. I´ll add them here after I get home.

Today is probably the low point of the trip. I haven´t felt like doing much. I am not enjoying solitude as much as I thought I would. I miss K, and P. We talked about meeting here after my course week was done, but she couldn´t find reasonably priced tickets. It is too long since I saw her.

The aim is to write, write and write, and though I am writing, I don´t feel that anything comes out of it. I´m doing it in Swedish, since what I wanted to accomplish was to get a flow in my Swedish writing again, but after years of English as my creative writing language, the Swedish words and sentences seem petty, mundane and I can´t express what I want. It´s silly, it being my first language, but I feel not everything can be said in every language. But then, maybe I think my English writing is better than it actually is, just because I don´t know it well enough to realise when I make errors?
This too, I guess, I should have written in Swedish, in the Skriva.net blog on writing.

Archived comments from my old publishing system:
helena writes:
Ah, but you write VERY well in English. Both the language and what you convey.
M-o-m: 7 – 2005-7-6 15:35

Lotta writes:
Thank you so much! It´s a bit of a struggle, too.. but I just love the language. :)
M-o-m: 6 – 2005-7-6 19:12


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