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Going home

I’m on my way home, right now on the airport coach from Gothenburg Central Station, where I’ve said goodbye to Joy who’s going home by train, to Landvetter airport.
It’s been a good trip. Yesterday was my cousin Linda’s birthday, so we went over to her house in the afternoon. Lots of people there, among others my two aunts, grandma, grandpa, three cousins, my sister, and then a lot of in-laws. :-)
It must feel as strange for all of them suddenly having a new relative participating in celebrations like this as it does for me coming there and being a part of their lives. Hopefully it feels as nice for them as it does for me, too.

In the evening, Linda’s sister Cicci threw her a party. Before the other guests arrived I had a nice talk with Joy and the cousins. Felt nice. They are all very warm and open people.
Then we did Varberg by night. :-) An interesting experience which left me with a slight hangover this morning.

What can I say? I have two really beautiful and cool sisters. Hopefully I will get to know them better – Joy and I talked about getting together over a pint and a talk some day. That would be nice.


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