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Party & animal

I’m a little worried about the roe deer that’s been hanging around the parking lot on the back of my house. She’s been there the whole day. I think it’s a fairly young animal. Maybe she’s lost her parents and has nowhere to go. :-/
I got eye contact with her earlier. For a long time we just looked at eachother. Me on the inside, by the kitchen window, she on the lawn below. A strange feeling. Then I made some sudden move and she ran away to the trees at the other side of the parking lot. Now she’s lying there in the bushes.

The *kram* party Wednesday was really great. Everyone was happy and outgoing. The weather was great and we sat outdoors all evening. I drank too much wine, but who cares. :-)

Yesterday me, Marina, Petra and Eva met at Hubben for some wine, food and talk. We were kind of tired, so the original idea didn’t quite work. But it was a nice evening, none the less.


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