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A day of strange coincidences

Christofer and Gabriella’s wedding yesterday was beautiful. Such a lovely couple!
I was sad for their sake when it started raining heavily in the morning, since the ceremony was to be outdoors. When I got to Värmdö bygdegård, where the wedding was to take place, it was still raining. Lisa and I went indoors and met up with Lina, who had brought our gift, a big glass bowl.
Then it was time to go outdoors. I was ready to use my umbrella, but as we went out the rain had almost stopped. And when we got to the dance court where the ceremony was to be held, it had stopped completely.
And then the wedding couple came walking through the grass. They were so beautiful, like in a movie. I hadn’t met the bride before.
The cermony was lovely, with Christofer’s sister singing Älska mig, Idag är det bara du och jag and You were always on my mind. When Christofer put the ring on Gabriella’s finger, the sun broke through the clouds. It was like a sign. Then it stayed sunny throughout the evening. :-)

Dinner was nice, with many inspiring/funny speeches and good food. Then it was time for the wedding cake and the arrival of many of their dancing friends.
Then the tables were removed and the room was turned into a dance floor. The band started playing and when the guitarrist was introduced I realized it was my ex-colleague Claes! What a coincidence!
Christofer and Gabriella showed off some of their dancing in a long dance number with different styles of music and different dance partners, all from their dance club Nackswinget.
Then, as they went out to get some fresh air, totally exhausted, the band started playing and the floor was open for everyone. It was entertaining just to watch them all. Everyone was so good!
I was a little scared someone might ask me to dance – I really don’t know how to. And then someone did. I tried to explain I’m lousy but he said let’s give it a go anyway so I did. He soon noticed I didn’t know how to dance bug, so we did some ordinary dancing (don’t even know what it’s called :) ) with moderate success…
Luckily I wasn’t asked to dance again. :-)
Later, people started to dance in a more disco kind of way, and then it was okay. Lina, Lisa and I, along with a bunch of other non-Nackswinget ppl, invaded the dancefloor.

At around midnight I felt tired and decided to go home. Lina was going too, so she offered me a ride to Gustavsberg. We had a nice talk in the car.
When I got off at Gustavsberg I sat down at the bus stop. I was busy erasing old sms messages from my cell phone when someone sat down next to me, so I didn’t look up. After sitting like that for a while, suddenly the person beside me burst out laughing. As I looked up I saw it was my sister Joy!! :-)
She was going into town, so we rode on the bus together and talked for about 40 minutes. Nice!

I really like Felicity. I don’t know when I started following that TV series, but it’s grown into one of my favourite programs, and now I don’t want to miss a single episode.


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