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I’ve been home from work today, spending most of the day in bed. I caught a cold and am feeling a bit feverish. At times like this, idiotic talkshows are a blessing. Today I’ve covered these subjects: Ricki awards (worst of the worst), bullied kids grown up getting back at their bullies and should white mothers raise coloured children?. Junk, but it kills time. :)

Sofie visited me this weekend. I got to see her film and really liked it. Her idea got much clearer to me when I saw the final result of the cutting.
It’s interesting seeing yourself on tv like that. You always see yourself in a certain angle, and now you can see how others see you. The only thing that bothered me a bit was my laughter. I didn’t know I sound like that.

Last week I watched three movies. That must be a record for me. :) First I watched Evolution with some sklommon people (Benny, Unosson, Petronella, Kalle and Mark). Junk movie. Then Bridget Jones’ Diary with mom and A. I liked it a lot. How come I like most movies starring Hugh Grant, when I don’l like him?
Finally, Sofie and I watched Memento last Saturday. The movie was based on an interesting idea. Ever since his wife got killed, the main character has no short term memory, so he has tatooed his whole body with reminders of what he’s found out about her killer, so that he can avenge him. The interesting thing is that the movie is backwards. It starts with a two minute sequence leading to the end, then continues with the two minutes leading up to those events and then the two minutes leading to that sequence and so on.
I liked the idea, but the movie wasn’t great. As Sofie pointed out, some actions on the main character’s part were illogical, and sometimes the idea took over.

Work is fun these days. Maybe because I’ve started writing a little again. In the afternoons there really hasn’t been a need for a second news editor, so I’ve worked a bit as a reporter, mainly covering the IT field. I like it. I get to use my brain again. Seems like it’s been resting for too long…


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