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Super sleeper

I guess I was in need of sleep. Yesterday I got home just after 7PM, after having had dinner with Mattias at Kungshallen. Then I spent some time reading on the balcony. But as I was sitting in the sun, I suddenly felt tired, so I laid down on the mattress in the livingroom to continue reading from there. Next thing I know I woke up at 7.40PM or so, really sleepy. So I made my way into the bedroom and fell asleep on the bed. Woke up at 11PM just to realize I was still dressed. I didn’t have the energy to do anything about it, but I did brush my teeth. Then back to bed – and I slept til this morning! :-)

Today mother turned up at my place, bringing ingredients for almond croissants. So we baked, or mostly she did. There was a nice and unusual aroma in the apartment. Maybe I should do more stuff like that – it makes this place feel much more homelike.

I still haven’t taken a bath in a lake this summer. It’s a pity there are no places nearby where you can go and swim and sunbathe. We’ve had a great week of sunshine and the highest temperatures in Europe. Now the weather’s changed, though – it’s been raining all day. It’s almost a relief. Too much sunshine chocks us Swedes. We’re not used to it. :-)


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