Antibes and Juan les Pins

Yesterday I went shopping. Mostly for things I had forgotten to bring, like a swimming suit and a deo. :-) There’s good shopping here, but it’s somewhat expensive. I’m thinking of buying a lamp, though. Probably a crazy idea, to buy a lamp and bring to Sweden, but I saw some nice ones at Pier Import. Not to speak about the ones at Habitat, but those I can’t afford.

In the evening Ping and I went to Antibes where we had dinner with his German friend Michael. Nice guy. We had a full menu at some Italian restaurant. For starters they brought out a tray of nine or twelve different small dishes. Nice idea – everyone had what they liked.
Despite Ping’s and Michael’s warnings I had the preserved leg of duck for main course. I have yet to find out exactly why I shouldn’t have chosen that one. I’m not sure I want to know. :-) Anyway, I liked it.

After dinner we went to Juan les Pins, west of Antibes, to have a drink with some other friends of Michael’s. Juan les Pins is a very touristic party town, or atleast the part of it I saw was. We saw an interesting coca cola-shaped motorbike. Photo time, of course. :-)
The one thing bugging me is that I didn’t get the extra memory card for the digital camera in time for the trip. Very irritating.
At le Reseve I had my first Pelforth this trip. Pelforth is a French dark beer that’s really good. Quite sweet in its tast, but with a distinct character and bite.

France has the same idea of drunk driving as Italy, I guess. Michael took us home in his car, after having had three beers, a couple of glasses of wine, cognac and a fruit drink. Scary, when you think of it afterwards.


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