To get to the airport in time I had to take a bus at 03.47. I didn’t see much point in going to bed at all, so I went to Järnet in the evening. A bunch of ppl I know were there, and I had a good time. Maybe I should have cut down on the beer though. On my way to Arlanda I still didn’t feel quite sober. :-)

I arrived in Nice at 10.30. To get to the center of town, I took a bus. Luckily I had enough francs since my last visit to France to afford the bus ticket. Need to find an ATM today.
Ping met me at the bus station and showed me the way to his place. It’s cozy and in a very nice are. Picturesque.
We were both very sleepy so we had a nap before trying to connect my mac to the net via his pc, using the PCMCIA card I had borrowed at work. But it’s not working. :-( We’ve tried everything. So it looks like it will take a while before I’m online again. Oh well.. probably it will be good for me. :-)


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