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Up and running

Finally, my PC’s working again! :-) It broke the other week, and since then it has refused to start Windows or to recognize the cd units. Today Kalle came over and helped me. Now I don’t only have an up and running Windows 2000, but also a big C drive and lots of usefull stuff.
We also watched a couple of movies I hadn’t seen in a long while – One flew over the cuckoo’s nest and Willow. Nice.

These days the weeks get divided in two – Wednesday’s evening at Järnet being sort of a small weekend. The past couple of Wednesdays have been a lot of fun. And of course there’s photo evidence. :-)
Sept. 19.
Sept. 26.

I’ve finally decided on a sofa. It will be London, in an offwhite colour. But it will take 7-8 weeks after I place the order until I get it. :-/


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