Lilja 4-ever

Movie time. Me, K and Magnus are going to go to Lukas Moodysson’s Lilja 4-ever.
I wish I didn’t know anything about the movie. It’s actually Aftonbladet’s fault, for publishing an article about the life of the “real” Lilja. I won’t make the same mistake and go into details – I’m just a bit upset because it’s the kind of film you’re better off watching without knowing anything about it in advance.

Finally I’ve got an hour or so (probably less, which is why I’m adding time now, writing while going into town on the subway) for writing. I’ve been neglecting it all summer, and I feel bad. Perhaps I’m afraid that it won’t be good enough. But if I don’t practice, how will it ever be?

I took an hour out of time
placed it in a space
all my own
spent it in a million ways
over and over again
until the seconds wore my skin
the minutes choked my breath
and the point where it was to end and rewind
made me fall over and land
so far into the future
that I realized
I had gained no time at all
and yet
I had gained so much


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