The Shopper

Okay. So I need to stop buying stuff. Or to learn how to throw away things. My apartment is getting so crowded that I have had serious plans of moving to something bigger. But shouldn’t two rooms be enough for one person?
Today I went to look at a 3 room apartment here in Stureby. It was nice alright, meaning it had posibilities. But it would still be a lot of work – painting, fixing small flaws, setting up a network… All of which would be okay if the price had been reasonable. But they want 975 000 SEK for it, and that’s just the first bid. My apartment’s first bit would be something like 725 000, and I’m wondering about the difference. Mine’s in much better shape. One good thing about the three-roomer was that it has a washing machine included. I would really like that, and in my apt there’s no room for one, unless I throw out the bathtub.

After the apartment hunt, K and I went into town to have a look at the book stands at Drottninggatan. It’s their yearly book day today. Once there mother was unexpectedly waiting for us.
There were a LOT of books. Most of which I would never dream of reading. But they had some good stuff too. Against better knowing I ended up with
Gita Mehta – Karma Cola, Marketing the mystical east
Tibor Fischer – The Collector Collector
Peter D. Kramer – Lyssna till Prozac
Friedrich Nietzsche – Så talade Zarathustra
Tony Parsons – Mannen och pojken
Manil Suri – Vishnus död
Acid Plaid, new Scottish writing etited by Harry Ritchie
Kärlek, uppror och kardemummakärnor, berättelser från Indien

In less than a week I’m going to Paris. It’ll be nice. Hopefully my cold will be over by then.


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