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Stockholm film festival has come and gone. I watched about ten movies. Some good, some bad. My favourites were Lagaan (Indian movie), Storytelling, Donnie Darko and Bandits. I was planning to write more on the festival, but now it’s too late. The energy ran off me. ;-)

Last Saturday was the 5 year jubilee of the trafik mailing list party. Photos here. I had a good time but got way too drunk. My memories of the last hours are kind of blurred. And it took me two hours to get home by subway.

On my way there I was stopped by a stranger in the street. He turned out to be a film maker for commercials, and he wanted me to audition for a shampoo commercial. :-) So… I went there today. It was strange. They gave us a contract to sign saying we would agree to another contract later on. I made them change that to “that we would receive a contract for consideration” later on.
Then it was my turn to get filmed. So… this woman comes up and combs my hair and sprays it with some shine spray. She asks me some questions about my hair and how I take care of it. Then the film maker starts chatting with me, and I realise the camera is on and this is the actual filming he is going to do. So we talk for a while and then he says we’re done. Weird.
I’m still not sure it’s a good idea for me as a jounalist to participate in such an event, but since I’m figuring I won’t go very far I’m using it as an interesting experience, and maybe it will give me an angle for a story about street casting.

I caught a cold, so I’ve been home from work for three days. The other evening Kalle came over with a lot of food. That was really nice of him.
I’m getting jealous though. He steals all of Morris’ attention.


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