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Busy Lizzy

It’s been a while. Again. I’m so busy these days. So many projects to keep up with. Like creative tasks, the wall and of course the poetry cup coming up. All fun stuff though. :-)
P is complaining that I’ve become a bore, though. Maybe she’s right. Or maybe I just don’t have enough time to discuss wild ideas these hectic months. I am really looking forward to February. No plans for that month yet. :-)

A week ago I went bowling with the people at work. Almost everyone attended, and it was great fun. We went to a place where they had disco bowling, with music, lights, smoke etc. I felt there was a built up need to let loose and have fun. Everyone got really drunk and friendly. Afterwards we had dinner at a place near by, and then drinks at Kristallen.
It was the second time I went bowling, and it was such fun that I went bowling again a couple of days ago with K. Only problem is my body aches for a couple of days afterwards. I should really start working out.


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