Going back to Stockholm

Once again I left my cellphone behind, this time in Molkom. This is turning into a nasty habit. I wish I could call K and ask if he’ll come over this evening. It would be nice to see him.

The weekend’s been great. So much creative energy.
We met a very interesting and inspiring person. She makes the most beautiful, elegant, funny sculptures out of wood. And she agreed to let Sofie and me use photos of her sculptures as illustrations for our anthology. Great!

Filmörnen was interesting too, but rather tiring. There was very little oxygen in the cinema hall.
Sofie got two diplomas for her documentary about Coy and a short film called Fragment, based on a poem written by another Skriva member.

Our team for the Ordfront poetry cup is in need of a third member. Apart from that (major) crisis, work with the cup poems is proceding very well. I have my two poems ready, Sofie has two poems, and we have an introductory team piece written by Sofie and me together. It’s all much more than I had expected would come out of this weekend’s work.


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