Solitary journey

Seeking out solitude
on an early Sat. morning
I walk with a hidden bliss
the sunny streets of Norwich
A man drops an envelope
on the street beside me
and, when picking it up,
salutes me with a smile

At the station there’s a book sale
Great minds’ work of years and years
sold for £1.99
I am a grateful buyer
though their words are heavy
to my hand

Starting a journey
of the mind as much as transporting the body
words playing in my head
competing for the attention of my fingers

Norfolk countryside waking up
in shades of green and brown

Dreaming of Charing Cross bookshops
browsing through shelf after shelf
looking for Surprises
I lean back in my seat
Two hours yet
of collecting pieces
finding focus
on this trip

Thin clouds gather veiling the sun
and an intricate pattern is formed in the sky
I’d like to be able to paint this
if not on canvas then in words
but nature, as always, surpasses any attempt


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