Drunken Dave

Drinking American beer in a British pub
you tend to attract attention
If from no one else then the local drunk
who calls you a hippie and thinks you are a student from California
and wonders if you have ever studied Art
and if prices are better in Sweden
His name is David adn he knows the trick
of how to open the restroom door
These little things are good to know
if you’re the kind that don’t like walking up stairs for nothing

England is a strange place. Here a beer in a pub can cost less than in a supermarket. It just doesn’t add up. But the barmen are happy and the locals are happy so we are happy but tired from all the walking and shopping and staying up late watching weird movies. Our wallets are empty but our bottles are full and need to be emptied as we are going to meet Annika in a few minutes. The art students have a private viewing of their projects and we can come, oh joy. :-) Too little culture and too much materialism on this trip so far – but it’s our own choice.


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