Sheringham day trip

My feet are aching from a day’s walking on the beach in Sheringham. We left Norwich at around 10 this morning, half asleep, but even so enjoying the view of the Norfolk countryside.
Sheringham is a small coastal town north of Norwich. Though it does attract quite a few tourists in the summer, it wasn’t as sad and abandoned in the winter as I had expected a tourist resort to be – â€?the coastal town they forgot to close down in the winterâ€?… :-) Quite the opposite, the shops were open, tea rooms and restaurants as well.
We went for a walk on the pebble stone beach. As we went along, my pockets filled with stones, pieces of wood shaped by the sea, dried seaweed and whatnot. Unfortunately I didn’t have very good shoes – too high heels and uncomfortable at that. The rest of the day was somewhat less enjoyable due to that. What also bugged me was that my camera ran out of batteries at the start of the walk, so I couldn’t capture the great views of the sea, the beach, the high slopes, the walk along the edge and the golf course just inside of it.
After the walk we had crumpets, scones and tea at a small café called the Copper Kettle. Nice, though they were out of jam.

Back in Norwich, Annika had to work. Sofie and I explored some of the shops with a sale on – I found a neat top with interesting arms at River Island for £7.50. Quite reasonable.

The evening was spent in a sleepy haze. Right now Ben and Annica are watching a political debate on tv – about a possible war on Iraq. Despite the serious topic, British politicians crack jokes every other sentence and get away with it. Politics become entertainment, and as such interest a lot more people. Good or bad?


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