A happy failure

Finally I can be ill. I’ve been figting a cold with American cold & flu medicine the past few days, going to work though my head has felt as if it was full of cotton, my throat aching etc. All because of the finals in Rinkeby poetry slam last night. I felt as if the cold was an attempt to chicken out, and I didn’t want my body to win. :-)

And I made it. That is, I went there, got on stage, read my poems, got some applause and finished last. :-) But I don’t mind. Winning wasn’t the issue. And a couple of people came up to me afterwards saying they really liked my poetry.
What worked last night was humour and political rage, and my poetry has neither (well, it has lots of humour, but I guess not the kind that’s appreciated in those circles).
Anyway, I got a rose, a t-shirt and a boat trip to Finland, as did the other competitors, which was a nice thing. But the main thing I got was the confidence of having followed through with the whole thing.

Today I haven’t taken any medicine, and I can feel it. I thought I might as well let the cold have its way over the weekend, that way getting rid of it sooner. But still I don’t feel like sleeping or taking it easy. I have a CWA crony group meeting at 16.30, and then I’m thinking of playing some pool.

K has been a darling taking care of me today, bringing me food and Fisherman’s friend. I’m eating stuff I normally don’t allow myself, like ice cream, and enjoy it thoroughly. :)

Archived comments from my old publishing system:
Kathy Gerber from New York City writes:
Congratulations on following through with your Poetry slam! Good for you. I have a cold, too (and pigged out on chocolate chip cookies last night). Have a good day. Kathy from America.
M-o-m: 7 – 2003-3-15 15:51

Lotta from Stockholm, Sweden writes:
Kathy – thank you! Chocolate chip cookies are not to be under estimated when it comes to curing a cold. Or atleast making you feel better about having one. ;-) Me, I’’ve feasted on melon, icecream and Irish coffee. Hope you get well soon.
M-o-m: 5 – 2003-3-15 16:27


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