Ingur days

Three days’ intense work with the Ingur anthology has paid off. Sofie and I have managed to expand it about 20 pages, and now the pdf export works. It’s starting to look like a real book! :-)

Värmland is lovely, as usual, but has been a little unkind weather-wise. Yesterday we were supposed to go to Alma Löv, but it rained all day, so we cancelled our excursion.
Sofie has been working for a couple of hours in the evening. Yesterday I spent that time at Filmstaden watching The Hours. Nicole Kidman did a good job with Virginia, proving that she can handle playing more complex characters. She doesn’t look like herself with that built-up nose.

We went to Lotta and Per’s last night. As always it was interesting. Their place has a nice energy, making you open up and listen to their ideas, taking in what feels right, even if you don’t always believe in them.

I’m travelling with Säfflebuss on the way back, instead of the usual Swebus. The ticket is cheaper, the seats are more comfortable, they have a bus host who offers food to buy at reasonable prices, it’s an express bus (straight from Karlstad to Stockholm) and there are less people travelling. A great deal! The only drawback is that there is less leg space, hence less space for the computer in my lap. I’m looking at the screen from a somewhat unusual angle, since it’s half folded up.
The computer, by the way, is my new Powerbook G4. A very nice companion, I’ve discovered. Travelling with it is great – watching movies in widescreen format, listening to music, writing blog notes… :)


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