Doin' it for themselves

The second Finland cruise was quite different than the first. It turned into an all girl thing, which was neat. Marina, Paula and I had a lot of fun.
It didn’t start well, though. The buffet restaurant was full, and we were put on a waiting list. Hungry and annoyed we had to wait for an hour. And were those guys claiming to be “Melin” – the first name on the list – really who they said they were. Confusion.
At last we got our table, and had to hurry to get our money’s worth of food and drink. Well, we got it for sure, being the last ones to leave the place, no space left for another morcel of food. :-) And with a lot of beer and wine gulped down.
We had a good time listening to karaoke – especially karaoke veteran Rune and no-ass-Marino. :-) Then on to the dancing palace and an amazing singer who must have been 70, who did Madonna songs and reggae!
Paula was an ace at the slot machines. She played for just 4 EUR and left with more than the double after hours of gambling.
Even the return trip was fun – no dead time waiting to get back.
Marina has more on the trip (Swedish though).

On the two cruises I’ve shopped 11 bottles of wine, a bottle of Amarula cream (great liqueur – made from the fruits of the South african Marula tree), a bottle of Passoa and a bottle of Martini bianco. I have no idea when I will drink all that.

The next day I had to work at 6AM (am still on that shift). I made it, but it’s been a sleepy shift. Tomorrow I get off and then I have a couple of days before the upcoming weekend’s CWA gathering here in Stockholm.
I need to do the CWA tasks, clean the apartment (a Major deal) and do some work at the cottage.

What else? I haven’t written in a long time… so I guess I should mention the water problem. The pipe plug for the tap in the cottage kitchen is broken. So there’s no water at the start of this summer either. Hopefully K can fix it.
Work at the cottage is moving on slowly. I’ve sown some flower seeds and some vegetables. The ruccola sallad has actually started to grow already. And the radishes.

No pool in a long time. I miss it.


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