South Ken after a long day of travel

It’s someone’s birthday and the other guests at Acacia Hostel in London’s South Kensington sure know how to celebrate. It’s constant singing, birthday chants mixed with 2 Unlimited’s No Limits, bottles crashing onto the inner yard, shouting, laughing, arguing.
We are four women in a small room, though from what I’ve seen of British hostels it’s actually quite large. We’ve even got our own fridge in the room. A small luxury.
When Gitta and I got back from a nice dinner at an Italian place, the room was dark, the others sleeping …well, probably not sleeping because of the outside noise, but trying to sleep. It doesn’t feel good to switch the light on. The room only has one light source, a bare light bulb in the very centre. But what to do?

The man in the reception kindly offered to make us some tea and coffee tomorrow morning, even though we’re leaving half an hour before breakfast time. A nice gesture, and the difference that makes you recommend a place.
For London it’s dirt cheap – only £12 a night including breakfast – so despite the ruccus it’s a bargain.


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