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Late night peeping Tom

If you are bored you might try to tire yourself by looking at random private photos in the middle on the night. Some of them were a bit interesting though. If you click Next long enough you can see relationships evolving (some of them in the time span of one evening). Little glimpses into people’s lives.
Other pics can be just plain amusing.
Most of them are sleeping pills though.

Today I got behind the wheel of the Beetle for the third time (fourth if you count the first very brief attempt, but I don’t). I’m learning, though I’m still not ready to drive on roads, I think. We’ve been practicing at a big parking lot outside Älvsjömässan.

Did some work at the alotment today. Got the hammock out and did some cleaning in the shed. It is still far too hot for any heavy work though. Lots of ice tea needed.


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