In desperate need of a vacation

If you’re exhausted from working 10-11 hours a day for a long shift, overloaded with stuff you “ought” to do, and haven’t been sleeping well at that, it takes very little for you to lose it. This morning it was Minor pooping on the floor, then spreading her poop because it stuck to her behind and she was trying to rub it off.
I feel a bit better now that I’ve dried my tears, got myself together and gone to work. The routine does miracles. But if there’s another technical problem tonight I’m gonna scream!

Today’s best headline comes from the Norwegian paper Verdens Gang. Though I’m afraid that it’s impossible to translate. For those of you who don’t speak Swedish, just skip this paragraph.
Rubriken var “Sex på stranda kan svi i pungen” och artikeln handlade om att man i vissa länder kan få dryga böter om man har samlag på offentliga platser. Lite kul ordvits. :)

Apart from that, not much is happening. It’s the usual summer drought when it comes to news. And when it comes to staff. We are far too few people to be able to get everything out on time. This shift I’ve had to do the Travel, Stockholm, Games, It/technology and Culture sections, apart from my usual work with News, Opinion etc.

Archived comments from my old publishing system:
billy from dominica writes:
your writings are real
M-o-m: 5 – 2003-7-20 20:12


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