Personality analysis as a way of reaching people more effectively

Mattias ÖstmarQualitative analytics of blogs is Mattias Östmar‘s focus in his startup PRfect analys, which he presented at Daytona Sessions.
– I like methods of measurement, and I like to define things, he says with a smile.

– Marketing used to be about mass communication. It won’t die out, but targeted marketing will compete with it.
It is harder today to reach out to an audience. You have to be better and more funny. Reach as the only measurement of success will not work.

Media becomes a number of conversations. Getting a full coverage of media will be close to impossible when everyone becomes a publisher. The concept of journalism will be more vague.

When form is separated from content, the channel is never as important as the person behind the message, Mattias says. Who you listen to is a person like yourself.

Personality type testing is important, because you need to know what drives people. What ticks them off. There are different type theories. Östmar shows Keirsey’s types.

Your choice of words communicate your personality. Analysing the words in blog posts will tell what personality the blog has. It becomes much harder when you bring in context as a parameter.

He asks for a bit of help with the business model.
– I’ll buy you a beer!
…though the main theory is that if you can predict people’s needs, you can reach them more effectively. That should indeed be interesting to marketers and communicators.


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