I am in Östersund now, my mother’s birthplace, on the third day of K’s and my vacation. We started Tuesday after work, picking up Irmgard’s (K’s mom) car in Rimbo – the Beetle would be very uncomfortable for long trips like this – and heading for Värmland to visit S. In Arboga we had coffee at K’s brother’s place, where we also picked up a tent. We didn’t reach Molkom until 22.30.
Wednesday the three of us went to Alma Löv. Interesting as always, but it was better last year. K, paying his first and probably last visit, thought it was “the worst crap” he’d ever seen. :-)
In the evening we went to Berättarladan for a performance of Hemsöborna. It is an old barn that Västanå teater has converted to a theatre. They are famous for their good and inovative plays, but I wasn’t that impressed. Well, it was good – but I had high expectations.

We left S’s place early yesterday morning – before seven. The trip to Östersund was 550 kilometers. A long and tiring drive for K. We managed to find Mon at 3 pm. An hour’s rest and then it was time to head for Östersund and Storsjöyran.
First off were Slaptones, a rock/blues band consisting of three sisters and their father on drums. It was just okay – not my type of music.
Mando Diao was better – I like them better live than on recordings. And then it was time for the really good surprise – Miss Universum. A totally cool feminist artist with a load of attitude and a great sense of humour.
The Ark were very popular, so it was crowded. I don’t know how many people jumped into me or stepped on my feet. Anyway, a good concert. Great atmosphere.
The last act on Thursday was Gåte, a Norwegian mystic/folk/rock band. Not bad, but we were tired and left after 20 minutes.

Today we’ve checkted the old crofter’s cottage out, looking at old letters and stuff left behind by my relatives, some dating from the early 19th century. It is so beautiful and serene up here, especially down by the water of Storsjön, looking up towards Oviksfjällen.
Earlier I drove to the food store in Arvesund. Irmgard’s car is much easier to drive than the Beetle. And the roads are good for learning how to drive.
Right now we are at Perman’s café waiting for tonight’s acts to begin.


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