Expedia.com sucks big time

Okay, now I’m really pissed off. How the hell are non-US citizens supposed to be able to book national flights within the US if you can’t use credit cards issued outside of the US at any of the booking sites. At first I thought it was expedia.com, who by the way has proved to have the worst service … I thought they were good, but maybe that is just for US citizens as well. First they promise on their site to reply to questions within four hours. Well, I sent them one Wednesday and I still haven’t received a reply. Second, the security certificate on the credit card page had expired. And then when you take a chance and book anyway – you get only US address options for billing address for the credit card. And the information is required. On that page there’s information about your needing a US credit card. Why didn’t they inform me when I signed up saying I’m from Sweden!? Idiots.

But as I’ve kept looking around it turns out I cannot find a single site where I am allowed to book a flight ticket for travel within the US. So… I might be stuck to my original travel plan. It sucks.


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