Long journey home

The trip is almost over. I just mailed my last postcards at the airport in Denver, after having been given a ride by David who also had a flight to catch, though a couple of hours before mine. So I went up extra early today.
Going from the US to Sweden is so confusing. You start out and it is morning, then arrive 14 hours later and it is still morning. I will try to get some sleep on the plane – I think I’ll need it.

The stay in Colorado has been nice. But like P said yesterday too much of the time has been spent shopping. But then I really wanted to find a camera and some trainers. I bought a pair of Nikes yesterday, but I never bought a camera. We tried out the s400 but I didn’t like the pictures it took indoors, and even outdoors it’s as hard to get good pictures as with the camera I’ve already got. I think I’ll wait for the price to drop on the G5, or for a new model.

The past couple of days I haven’t been doing much writing. Hopefully I’ll get to do it on Friday when I have the whole day to myself.


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