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Tonight I went to the movies on my own. My half price card is valid for only a couple of weeks more, and since I’m leaving in a week’s time it was my last chance to use it. I picked Jonas Åkerlund’s feature film debut, “Spun”.
I don’t know what to think of it. Parts of it was pretty brilliant, quick clips making you feel the effects of the drugs, but other parts I felt he was trying to show off. There’s no cool in drugs.
Some good acting. Some laughs. Some bad taste in the mouth. And some totally absurd things, like Swedish danceband music playing in the car.
I guess I’ll rate it three psyched out addicts out of five.

Earler on I went shopping for P. I was in a hurry, but hopefully I found something she’ll like.

And then the eternal Hamburg guide… It kept me busy most of the day. I even got up at 7, when K left, just to have time to get it done. But then at around 11 I got sleepy and laid down on the bed. Woke up at 14.

Now I’m at K’s place, sitting at his computer so that he’ll get some cleaning done. He tried to imagine me sitting there earlier, but it didn’t help him with the cleaning. “You just led me off to bed all the time”, he said. :-)


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