Meeting Jack

â€?You don’t get any younger,â€? he said, holding up a picture from his Hollywood days. A contrast to his graying face and hair. But he was smiling and I thought there’s no big difference. I see a lot of strength in there still.
What he was saying was of course that same old haunting phrase, but in other words. Carpe diem. Seize tha day. Make the most of it.
But which day? And how? I never got any answers to that. Finding YOUR path is a process that can take many years, and perhaps you’ll end up finding that you have multiple paths that are equally good, leading in opposite directions. And before you know it you have grown old att the crossroads.

I would love to go out
just one time
and face the world alone
Eyes open wide I would make
no judgement
I would be willing and able to find
any truth
this one time
Next year, next year, there’s just a tiny detail, a silly little detail, something I said I would do ’cause I could do and now I can’t
back down
not this time because I oughtta, shoulda, so though I coulda I won’t, not now, but soon, real soon, always soon
Maybe even next year, or the year after, any year
soon I’ll do it
just one time
that time
or no time at all

Something special happened at lunch. A butterfly came flying and landed on my forhead. I watchend it from the end of the room, going in circles, to finally descend on me. A little piece of everyday magic.

Lesson of the day: I am only responsible for myself. That’s – sometimes – more than enough. That’s all I can do.


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