September 11 should be cut from the almanac

I should probably write something here today. At times of desperation we need to express our self, in order to be able to understand it later. But I am so tired.. mentally and physically.
This date seems to bring nothing but bad news. I am of course thinking of the assasination of Sweden’s Foreign Minister Anna Lindh, an act of cruelty that came so unexpected. The country is in shock. Almost every media has cut it’s usuall contents and are reporting about the events hour by hour.
When I got to work at 4.30 this morning she was still alive. We got the news around nine. The whole day has been one of maximum stress and news pulse. I have had three or four people standing around me for the twelve hours I was at work, talking to eachother, talking to me, asking me to make changes, telling me that this or that article was ready for publication, informing me of upcoming events, wanting me to cut material from the site so that it could stand the pressure for all the people accessing it simultaneously…

And at the private level, I am sad too. The beauty of friendship should be that you give eachother energy and support. But when a relationship only drains you of energy, when you have to fight to keep it going, is it then a real friendship?

I need to go to a doctor’s before I leave for the States. My cough and throat ache is getting worse again, and now I’ve had it for a month. That’s not a good thing.
But how to find the time…? God knows. I guess I’ll go tomorrow after work, and cancel my date with A. Haven’t seen her for months though, so I feel bad about that too.

K is being a darling, though. I called him my rock solid base yesterday and he kinda liked that, I think, though he didn’t know how to take it at first. He is really supportive. And today he sent me flowers at work! :)


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